Doctoral Students 2016

Gabriella Hilberts
Coercive measures and disciplinary actions in schools.

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Ekaterina Zmyvalova
A comparative study of the implementation of indigenous children’s right to learn their mother tongue at school: Sámi in Sweden and Russia.Read More

Hanna Ahrenby
Are there differences in teaching when it comes to critically analysing pictures depending on whether teachers use norm critical pedagogy or not?Read More

Helena Vennberg
To follow, analyse and support pupils' mathematical development.Read More

Johan Sidenvall
Develop and analyze general principles of task design and general principal of teaching design for diagnostic and formative feedback.Read More

Manar Halwani
Swedish L2 Literacy Development for Adult immigrants: The Effect of Textual Input Manipulation on Information Integration.Read More

Marcus Strömbäck Hjärne
Fairness in standardized educational testing. Read More

Maria Norqvist
Swedish leisure-time centers.

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Markus Stoor
The development of technology as subject matter in swedish compulsary school.Read More

Peter Vinnervik

Teaching and learning programming in Swedish primary schoolRead More

Ronia Anacoura
The results will hopefully serve as guide in the elaboration of intercultural teaching methods and materials aimed at enhancing, promoting ensuring the longevity of plurilingualism in Seychelles and elsewhere.Read More

Sejla Kilim
My research project is about newly arrived students’ literacy activities in second language learning.

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Sharmin Ahmed

Designing mathematical tasks and formative teaching practices that enhances learning by creative reasoning

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Sofie Holmquist
Personal suitability in the police profession.

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Spoke Wintersparv
“Literacy – What Does ICT Have to Do with It?”, I aim to examine the intersection of ICT and literacy, and the conflation of the two. 

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Tobias Forsell
School absenteeism — a complex phenomenon.Read More

Charlott Sandén

The purpose of my dissertation project is to study the development of the educator, theologian and social critic Emilia Fogelklous (1878-1972) ideas about education and upbringing (1901-1951). 

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